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Department of Urology

Clinical Training

The duration of the urological residency program is four years. Three full years are designated for clinical training, and one extra year for clinical or laboratory research. Each year, three applicants are selected for our program and rotate at the five hospital locations. Each hospital’s outpatient departments and experimental laboratories are utilized.

University of California Hospitals


Chief: Marshall Stoller, MD


The first-year resident spends four months at the Long/ Moffit Hospitals on the Parnassus campus. He/she shares with the Chief Resident the responsibility of preoperative and postoperative care of all patients. This resident also spends 1/2 to 1 day in the outpatient department each week.

The second-year resident spends approximately eight months at Parnassus assisting the Chief Resident and rotating on subspecialty services (Urinary Stone, Pediatric, Infertility, and Neurourology).

The fourth-year resident has four months as Chief Resident at this hospital. The Chief Resident also works in the clinic where his/her postoperative cases are followed.


San Francisco General Hospital


Chief: Jack McAninch, MD


Each first-year resident spends four months at San Francisco General as assistant resident. This includes working in the operating room, on the wards, and in the outpatient department.

Each fourth-year resident spends four months at San Francisco General as Chief Resident, where he/she performs surgery. He/she will also spend two days per week in the clinic for patients follow-up.


Veterans' Affairs Medical Center, Fort Miley, San Francisco


Chief: Kirsten Greene, MD


The first-year resident spends four months at the Veterans' Affairs Medical Center as an assistant resident.

The fourth-year resident spends four months as Chief Resident.


Mount Zion Medical Center


Chief: Peter Carroll, MD, MPH


The first-year and second-year residents rotate for three months at this location. One day is spent in the infertility and impotence clinic, two days are spent in the outpatient oncology clinic.

The fourth-year residents spend four month at this location as Chief Resident.