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Mission Statement

The mission of the UCSF Department of Urology is:

to provide compassionate, cost-effective, skillful and innovative care to all patients

to ask relevant questions and answer them with scientific knowledge obtained through laboratory and clinical research

to educate students, residents and fellows in the art and science of urology and thereby to train the future leaders in our field

to recognize that the Department of Urology is a group of individuals working together, responsibly and ethically, to achieve its goals


The discipline of urology at UCSF began at San Francisco County Hospital in 1900. In 1915, Dr. Frank Hinman, Sr., son of a pioneer family, became the first Chair of the Division of Urology. An extraordinary surgeon, teacher and scientist, Dr. Hinman and his monumental book, The Principles and Practice of Urology, first published in 1937, are enduring symbols of the department's commitment to the art and science of urology. Dr. Hinman served as Chair until his retirement in 1950.

Dr. Donald Smith succeeded Dr. Hinman in 1951. His major clinical interests were fluid and electrolyte balance, renal physiology, reconstructive surgery (especially hypospadias repair), urinary tract infection, and pediatric urology. In 1957, he conceived and wrote the text, General Urology (now Smith's General Urology, in its 17th edition), whose concise, direct format has made it a classic for both undergraduate and practitioner. Dr. Smith trained 72 residents during his 25 year tenure as Chair, retiring in 1976.

Dr. Emil A. Tanagho assumed the Chair in 1976, after successfully negotiating departmental status for what had previously been a division of the Department of Surgery. Dr. Tanagho's goal was to maintain the excellence of the clinical training while introducing a strong academic program. To this end, he expanded the residency training program and recruited a complement of full-time faculty members to encompass the diverse subspecialties within the field of urology. During Dr. Tanagho's 20 year tenure as Chair, the Department of Urology contributed immensely to the urologic literature, its members publishing approximately 1000 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

In 1996, Dr. Peter Carroll succeeded Dr. Tanagho as department Chair. Under his tenure the department's research programs have grown and diversified. The department maintains a strong commitment to innovative and expert clinical care. Dr. Carroll continues to build on a distinguished legacy leading the UCSF Department of Urology into the future.



  Peter Carroll, MD, MPH

Welcome From the Chair

The UCSF Department of Urology is committed to offering the best urologic care, the most productive and innovative research programs, and an outstanding educational program that trains the future leaders in the field. We are one of the most productive urology departments in the nation, concentrating our efforts on a wide variety of research and clinical care programs. This is evidenced by our US News and World report ranking as one the very best programs in the country. In addition, UCSF Urology is the third highest recipient of the National Institutes of Health funding, reflecting the productivity and innovation of our research mission.

The last decade has been a very important one for the Department of Urology. The department has maintained and built on its commitments to research and training. Our research programs have grown and diversified. The continued commitment to clinical and laboratory research is reflected in our outstanding record of publications, grant support, and presentations at regional, national and international meetings.

Our residency program is one of the best in the country, attracting the finest applicants available. The department enjoys the strong support of the Medical Center, School of Medicine and patient advocates who have made resources available to support our academic activities. Members of the department have helped develop multidisciplinary research and patient care programs in key areas throughout the UCSF Campus.

We take seriously our mission to educate, to care and to discover. I am grateful to the faculty and staff, the housestaff, the leadership of UCSF and our patient advocates, who have allowed us to achieve and maintain our status as a program of excellence.

Peter Carroll, MD, MPH
Professor and Chair of Urology
Ken and Donna Derr-Chevron Distinguished Professor